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Hounslow Council information

Hounslow, a vibrant borough located in West London, has emerged as a promising destination for property investment and expansion. With its strategic location, excellent transportation links and ambitious redevelopment plans, the borough presents an exciting opportunity for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces and increase their property value. 

Area: 21.61 SQ.M
Population: 271,523
Number of Properties: 107,600
Predominant Property Type: Varied – Detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, flats, and apartments

🛈 Our strong knowledge of the local planning regulations and great relationship with its planning officers is what enables us to achieve positive results for our clients, time and time again. 

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Why invest in home improvement in Hounslow? 

“Why invest in home improvement in Hounslow? Hounslow is a borough with immense potential and a vibrant housing market. From traditional houses to modern apartments, the area offers a diverse range of properties. As a result of ongoing regeneration efforts, Hounslow has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, making it an enticing prospect for property investment.

With a growing residential market and a high demand for quality homes, Hounslow presents a lucrative opportunity for investors. The borough has several exciting developments in the pipeline, including the rejuvenation of key areas and the construction of new residential projects. For instance, the redevelopment of old industrial sites is expected to introduce a considerable number of new homes to the area, catering to various housing needs.

Moreover, Hounslow has prioritized improving transportation infrastructure, ensuring excellent connectivity for its residents. The borough has implemented plans to enhance existing transport links and create new ones, making it easier for individuals to travel within Hounslow and to other parts of London. This commitment to improving transportation not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also increases the overall desirability of the area for potential buyers or tenants.

Hounslow is also dedicated to fostering economic growth. The borough is actively attracting businesses and creating employment opportunities. The establishment of new commercial spaces and the support for industries such as technology and creative sectors contribute to a thriving local economy. This economic prosperity further bolsters the demand for quality housing, making home improvement in Hounslow a wise investment choice.

By investing in home improvement projects in Hounslow, homeowners can tap into the borough’s growth and development, unlocking the full potential of their properties. Extending your home not only enriches your living experience but also increases its market value, ensuring a rewarding long-term investment. With supportive planning processes, a commitment to regeneration, excellent connectivity, and a host of community amenities, Hounslow provides an ideal environment for homeowners to enhance their properties and benefit from the borough’s ongoing progress.”

Popular Extensions in Hounslow

While we’re dealing with all types of home improvements and extensions in this borough, the following are the most popular extensions:

Full rear extension 
Loft Conversion 

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