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Welcome to redwoods

Planning Made Effortless

The home of planning, architecture, and home extensions. My team and I look forward to assisting with your home improvement plans and planning.

Shloime Godlewsky
Founder & CEO

At Redwoods, we’re not just about planning and home extensions – we’re about helping clients turn their property dreams into reality.

With a team of carefully selected experts by your side, you can expect more than just services; you can expect exceptional results.

With more than five years of experience and thousands of successful projects under our belt, we’ve learned to talk results.

Our commitment to achieving the maximum for your project drives us to explore every possibility and push the limits to get your project approved and started.

Expert Planning Solutions

Our skilled team understands local regulations, enabling us to navigate complexities and enhance your chances of obtaining planning approvals.

Creative Excellence

We craft unique plans unlocking property potential, adding value and appeal. Every project is different and we tailor solutions to your property and goals.

Personalised Approach

We thrive on delivering a seamless experience, handling challenges so your project takes off effortlessly.
The Structure

Redwoods Teams

Planning Consultants Team

Members: 6

Our consultants gather the information and help you make the best decision for your property.

Architects Team

Members: 12

Redwoods employs a dozen of architects, that will draw your plans to precision

Town Planners Team

Members: 5

Our team of well experienced Town Planners prepare your application and liaise with councils up to approval.

Surveyors Team

Members: 2

Our surveying team thoroughly measures the property or land in preparation for drawing and plan accuracy.


What They Say

Great work time and time again!

I have been using Redwoods for a while, I’m so glad that I found them, I’m constantly receiving a professional and smooth service

C. Tischler

Grandwell Ltd

Thank you!

Our lease plan was ending, we were finding it difficult to renew it. Redwoods jumped in and saved the day.

Mr E. Williams

Small business owner

Absolutely superb!

Redwoods made it happen. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. Project success is thanks to you.

Andrew Vergson

Property owner

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