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Redwoods + London Boroughs

Over the years, Redwoods has built strong partnerships with all the London boroughs. Our experienced team of planners knows the rules of each council and the people behind the decisions. This knowledge helps us achieve an outstanding average approval rate of 96% for various planning projects and home extensions across London. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in this remarkable success, as we work diligently to make your property dreams come true.


Words of happy clients:

Great work time and time again!

I have been using Redwoods for a while, I’m so glad that I found them, I’m constantly receiving a professional and smooth service

C. Tischler

Grandwell Ltd

Thank you!

Our lease plan was ending, we were finding it difficult to renew it. Redwoods jumped in and saved the day.

Mr E. Williams

Small business owner

Absolutely superb!

Redwoods made it happen. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. Project success is thanks to you.

Andrew Vergson

Property owner

Let's get your palns approved!